Planet Of The Apes has played a huge role in streetwear culture and to celebrate 40 years of Planet Of The Apes, which also coincides with the 60th anniversary of photography company Magnum, a portfolio has been put together for the first time of the single set of pics taken in 1967 by Dennis Stock during the shooting.

Dennis Stock has the instinctive capacity to spot the shot that would summarize a situation to its finer detail, and epitomize a person. His childlike receptivity, combined with a refined technical skill and delight in risk-taking, informs the unique composition of his images. Stock really was an inspiration when it comes to photography and has caught the likes of James Dean and Audrey Hepburn and many more people said this about working on the photography of the film. "I was hired by the people in charge of publicity and for the society production of " Planet Of The Apes. "After noting the extraordinary quality of the makeup of actors and extras, I accepted the contract with enthusiasm, but under one condition: that I could take the "APES" in the city, outside of the plate. I love surreal situations, photographing them in a regular American landscape interests me much more than working on a movie set. To day, "apes" were perfects collaborators."

This portfolio includes 12 argentic prints from the original negatives, 24 x 30 cm and a limited edition run 12 copies signed and numbered will be available for a cool 12.000,00 euros. You can watch this amazing exhibition from January 7th, 2008 (until January 26th) at Colette in Paris.

Info from BKRW