Horrible Dresser

Last week it was f*cking freezing outside. If you weren’t in NYC and were somewhere that didn’t raped by the Polar Vortex, then just know that I hate you, you’re dead to me, and I hate you…

Sorry if I seem grumpy, but this is what happens to me when I have to contend with arctic blasts every time I walk out the door. I get cranky/angry/mean/insane. I know it’s not a good look to be screaming at everyone in the office, and I’m aware that I’m not the only one who has to deal with this horribleness, but it’s actually unbearable.

The other aspect of frigid weather that can make a person crazy is the stupid winter looks that people put together. People don’t realize that with freezing cold temperatures comes great responsibility. You gotta come correct with the winter time look. Most people screw it up big time, and it makes sad. Let’s take a look at some definite, cold weather, fashion “NOs”. If you can avoid these looks you will be in pretty good shape:

What is even happening here? Is that my dead grandmother’s sweater?

Horrible Dresser

Dear Cam’ron: Nope.

 Horrible Dresser

Are you 300 pounds and named Biggie Smalls? If not, please don’t wear that coat inside.


I’m not that mad at Kanye for this situation.

Horrible Dresser

The Baby Jesus.


I will gladly kill you for wearing this.

Horrible Dresser

Pharrell or Pherret?

Pharrell Williams

This. WTF*CK.

Red Sweater
Okay, I think you get the point.
If this article hasn’t helped you, then you have a serious problem. If you like any of these looks then you are basically a lost cause. Stay Warm.