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I am hearing the quiet chat of defeat from a few people that seem to feel that this November the US will vote in McCain & Palin as President & Vice President. As much as the thought of it make me venomously filled with rage, there is still a chance that this may happen.

Is the great United States of America ready for a Black Democratic President. A Majority of the Rest of the World thinks Yes…but what of the good people south of the Mason Dixie Line…are you ready…is there enough ‘CHANGE’ in you to make this happen for the good of the Country ? Obama Praises the American People for not getting enough Credit & Respect for the Reforms & Changes they have made to better Race Relations in the last 40 years. But has it changed enough…

More than this, will the Brothers & Sisters stand up & make their Vote count. Many friends of mine stateside, & one particular in Philadelphia are worried that not enough of the Black Vote will turn out. I for one ‘HOPE’ that this is not the case, & that the do change repetition & get out & Vote…make a difference.

But more then turning out for a Brother, turn out for what the man stands for also…be knowledgeable of what the Senator from Illinois aim’s & can do….’HOPE & CHANGE.’

‘I am asking you to believe not just in my ability to bring about real change in Washington…I’m asking you to believe in yours.’
– Barack Obama

‘REFORM*PROSPERITY*PEACE’ is what McCain & Palin offer you as their words of their Doctrine. Let me look at that…

‘REFORM’ – Reform the rest of the world to work our way, & lets Reform our home land by being almost as dictatorial as Bush, but lets step up the Big Brother tactics….Lets take a few more steps to the Right.
‘PROSPERITY’ – The American Dream gone mad, More Power, More Money…Lets get it & Keep it to ourselves.
‘PEACE’ – By means of ridiculous foreign policies, Globo Cop on PCP. Big Brother works so like I said…step that up…a few more steps to the Right please.

All of this leads to an ever growing state of Isolationism for the Homelands, while Foreign Policy effects the Entire World.

We, the World wait for the Young Child of Nations to wake up to a new decision Good or Bad…& what can we do…nothing…we wait & deal with the after math.

Yes of course I am biased, but logic demands a change…

Politics is way to selfish.

Be Well.