Before you continue reading, be warned – this blog entry is plug-heavy.

Mainly because those involved are friends, associates or a lot from column a, and a little from column b, but also because London has seemed a little sickly of late – not the porcine coughs, rather an aura of doom and gloom not helped by the disperate feel that the closure of core daytime and post-work socialising spots has made pandemic.

While this outlet for nerdery might reinforce the impression that I spend my time outside work squinting at the outdoor wear used in ‘The Eiger Sanction’ using the DVD player pause button, that’s only true for 99.9% of my leisure time. For the .1%, I like to socialise, and regardless of hermit crab behaviour, I admire this city and coming from a town an hour north of London, I’d like to think further generations of bored provincial kids could at least have a Big Smoke that’s buzzing with aspirational cliques, style and industry.

Hence this jpg fly postering for a meeting-of-fashionable-likeminds and the jump off for the 10th anniversary of a site that definitely gave me an opportunity at the turn of the decade and one I am still contributing too, albeit with depressing infrequency.

London is still teeming with brands while retailers drop like flies. Big up Jude (MVP) and the rest of the crew who’ve curated and organised ‘The Reset’ at East London’s Nike 1948 space. This has actually been covered already, but it warrants reiteration. A mini-market for the bank holiday weekend, expect the likes of Cassette Playa and Second Son (go check the increasingly appealing locally-made shirting) and much more.  Some go and do, others just sit, stare at WordPress and log it. I’m including myself in that shameful square-eyed demographic – respect to all going out and getting involved.

Once you’ve splurged most of April’s payday on gear, go and show it off at the Covent Garden Carhartt store the following Friday, before you sully it all with hotrock holes, where SpineMagazine’s 10th anniversary tour commences via an instore with Benji B DJing, in association with Meantime, Deviation and some shoe website called Crooked Tongues, it’s going to be big. The following week Benji’s appearing next to special guests J Rocc and Madlib at Fabric for further Spine celebrations – I’ve been assured that there won’t be a repeat of ‘Lib’s Koko Stones Throw party drum solo indulgences.

Also on that London tip, there’s still plans afoot for a WAH! Magazine nail salon. I can smell a future franchaise opportunity. It’s being blogged right here.

Across the Channel, having seen the product in question being rocked by Mr Thomas Giorgetti at a Nike press session today, the French-made denim and workwear brand he’s been working on, BLEU DE PANAME that’s sold steadily in Colette and is set for DSM. This video has done the rounds months back, but is worth a look in case you were sleeping. Like Jude and Sharma, another go-getter.


Oh yeah, shouts to Na$h Money on the Hypebeast spot.

On the subject of the Nike press day, a key Nike employee was wearing a woven take on an even more modern design…sorry I can’t shed any more light on the matter, I understand the pics or GTFO rule, but embargos is embargos. Anyhow, away from the dungeon master cryptics, but as someone who would have taken a particularly wide berth when it comes to non-ACG Nike apparel post-Windrunner in the past on the grounds that a lot seemed pretty half-arsed, I’m definitely a NSW believer. Especially now GORE-TEX has entered the arena. A team who evidently give a sealed-seam, reversible zipped fuck makes quite the difference.

Seeing as you made it this far, here’s a LIFE picture of Lee Marvin and Robert Evans having some kind of weird face-off during the making of ‘Paint Your Wagon’ …