Polaroid fans will be more than aware of the companies passing, many of you I’m sure will be scampering for film and camera’s in an attempt to make them last. If you are, this Lomo ‘Spectra’ is a great way to fill the void, they are available now online for just US$80, or US$110 with film.

"Polaroid Spectra "Blitz": Created in the early 1980’s, the Spectra system propelled Polaroid’s consumer film into a higher level of quality and resolution. Images are 9x7cm, vs. 8x8cm for a standard square-format shot. In 2001, the mighty fine Spectra Blitz was released. Its wide-angle 3-element lens sees 33% more than your average 600-series Polaroid and renders each image with bold color and contrast. It uses the excellent Spectra film – which is available in our Shop. As it was discontinued a few years ago, we have only 200 brand-new deadstock units available."

Check out more info on the recent news of polaroids discontinuation here.