With recent subjects being brought up in streetwear and fashion, I thought this project set up by famed fashion photographer Nick Knight was particularly timely and also a great project at anytime. "Believing fashion to be political in its sheer ability to communicate, Nick Knight has conceived of a multi-level project, encouraging creatives to use the medium of fashion to convey their political beliefs, agendas and thoughts. From the beginning of December 2007, the first stage of ‘Political Fashion Films’ invites you to submit a film of between 30 seconds and 3 minutes that articulates some kind of political point -be it an ideological platitude or a petty grudge- using fashion. Inkeeping with previous film seasons ‘Moving Fashion’ Editing Fashion’, in February 2008, this invitation will be opened up to a wide selection of fashion industry, art world and celebrity figures, whose Political Fashion Films will also be broadcast on the SHOWstudio website, one-per-day. The end of the project will be marked by a screening event to be held in London during Spring 2008." Check out Showstudio to see more and also on how to enter, the project itself is located here.