We don’t talk much about Women’s fashion here at SLAMXHYPE, thats not a strategic decision or even a conscious one, as we know we have a lot of female readers, so perhaps we should. Ten years on from P.A.M., the designers unveil the Pop! Eyes debut 09-10 collection inspired by the David Attenborough documentary, The Tribal Eye and a recurring fascination with moments of historical significance rediscovered and translated.

Pop! Eyes is the result of a collision between deep interest in other societies far removed from our own, and the exploration into the feminine virtues of womenswear. This has brought about a refined collection of charming, off beat pieces made with high quality natural fibres including cottons, silks, and linen blends which are seen in a colour palette that pops with yellow and pulls back with earthy tones of chocolate, grey, charcoal and cream.

With a marked movement away from the more casual styling seen in P.A.M; Pop! Eyes has not lost the potency so inherent to its creators. The ethos in the creative process remains the same, with the pair having no desire at all to pander to the waxing and waning of the movements of trend. Their objective and the result are much the same, the creation of something incredibly beautiful but wholly innovative which has overcome the temporary nature of seasonal trends.

Pop! Eyes: — A sophisticated excursion from the studio of Perks And Mini (P.A.M.) – available at Someday soon, with more news here soon too.