Por Vocação have most certainly captured the attention of shoppers with their latest window installation created for the sale season. The wanted to play with perception, in a sense that an image can mean so many different things, depending on information, personal background or simply from where you physically stand. For Por Vocação, it was also about communicating the end of something, a season, a stock, the end of a difficult year when people are looking to the future with uncertainty. National TV News caught wind of the installation and asked walkers by their opinion from the street. Behind it though, was a much more optimistic viewpoint, available for those who were curious enough to look further and find out that, what at first looks one thing may turn out to be another. In the end, the message is much more airy, simple and fun.

[vimeo width=”620″ height=”400″]http://vimeo.com/36541381[/vimeo]