Here is a great interview with Craig Atkinson and Davidson Manoloto from Wings + Horns that highlights their recent collaboration with Porter. Compiled by Roden Grey, the collection is defined by a signature Wings + Horns fabric applied to three classic Porter models.

Roden GrayCould you tell me what you think about Porter as a brand?

Davidson Manoloto: Porter is a great brand with great products, unfortunately for North America we don’t really get to see too much of their product.

Craig Atkinson: An authentic Japanese luggage company that has timeless, classic product.

RGWhat is your personal history with Porter?

CA: I bought my first Porter Helmut bag about 11 years ago and I still use it almost every day. It actually still looks new.

RGWhat do you think about Wings + Horns this season?

DM: I’m really excited! It’s the first season I worked on and the response from retailers so far has been great.

CA: The Fall 2011 season was super enjoyable to work on with the new energy brought in by Davidson. I hope our customers see the results in the product.

RGWhy do you think Wings + Horns and Porter are a good fit for a collaboration?

DM: It’s good because we have never done bags before. I think without the help of Porter we couldn’t bring a product as good as the one we have here.

CA: I think we both have similar brand values: timeless quality products that are hand-crafted locally. It makes sense for us to work with like-minded people.

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