Dr Romanelli is a name synonymous with reworking something classic and applying something unique to define it. No matter if it is vintage clothing, art, whatever the medium is the outcome is one to appreciate. Having worked with the likes of Nike, Converse, SOPHNET., Medicom Toy, each project Dr Romanelli works on is defined by the genuine individual who is dedicated and humble creates something to appreciate on many levels. James Oliver sat down with the doctor recently for while the talented Clement Pascal captured the man in his office. Full story at POST NEW.

James Oliver: Please describe yourself…

Dr Romanelli: 6 foot 190 lbs. Born in Cali. 36 Years old. Father of 2. Dog owner. Marketer, Designer, Curator.

JO: Where do you call home and what is the best thing about where you live?

DR: Los Angeles. The Culture.

JO: What inspired you when you where younger?

DR: Traveling. Movies. Friends.

JO: Can you tell me a bit about how you managed to get into reconstructing vintage clothing?

DR: Always been fascinated with the idea of taking something apart and putting it back together. I loved collecting particular brands growing up. Decided to experiment with reconstructing some of those brands : Initially Chuck Taylors and from there journeyed into 501’s and letterman jackets. Wasn’t long before I became obsessed with the idea of reconstructing basically anything vintage that inspired me.

JO: How would you explain your aesthetic as a design?

DR: Reconstructed Geometry.

JO: How has your approach and aesthetic evolved over the years?

DR: I’ve been able to really fine tune my approach. There used to be so many moving pieces (variables) with every project. Everything is more focused now. I’ve developed a pretty good system that works well for me. I have a specific goal in mind with each creation and I look how to solve whats presented to me. The aesthetic is a direct translation of the process (journey).

JO: Your design work has gone beyond vintage clothing. How do you decide on what project to take on board and what other forms of design really interest you?

DR: If something intrigues my interest and i’m passionate about the project i’ll usually sit with the concept (idea) for a few before deciding to take it on. I’ve recently begun to pay more attention to architecture and furniture. Specifically Mid-Century modern. Always appreciated that design movement but now more then ever.