Up and coming Sydney-based designer Yuliy Gershinsky is the subject of a new interview on POST NEW. Having recently graduated from East Sydney’s Fashion Design Studio, Gershinsky debuted his Capsule 2013 Collection at the Innovators Show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia to a transcendental reception from critics and in-the-know fans alike. The capsule sees a refined palette of black, white and grey utilized to offer a minimal, sportswear-inspired collection that juxtaposes fine tailoring and fit against more boxy, loose fitting silhouettes. Trousers, shorts, T-shirts and outerwear all find a place in the line which blends athleticism with a utilitarian, quasi-science fictional theme – something Gershinksy keeps close as an overriding influence in his work. It’s always exciting to see a promising young designer make their debut – find out more about the collection and the man himself in the full interview here.

Jack Smylie: Your debut collection received overwhelmingly positive reviews – How do you feel about moving forward as a young designer with these high expectations placed upon you?

Yuliy Gershinsky: The response has been really great and has given me a lot of confidence in myself and my approach to designing clothes…As far as other’s expectations go, I try to not think about things like that since there will always be people who both like and dislike what i make. What is most important is that my evolution as my own designer happens naturally and organically.

JS: The collection draws strongly from sportswear and maintains a technical approach to casual style – what draws you to this aesthetic? Is it a style you’ll continue to explore?

YG: Ever since I was a child I was very athletic and loved exercise, so I wore a lot of sportswear and it just became something very familiar to me. I’ve also been obsessed with science fiction & futurism since I was a child and I think the technical nature and detailing of sportswear really lends itself well to that sort of inspiration…as well as the utilitarian element in the detailing which in my opinion is important to have in a garment. Modern menswear has it’s roots in sportswear and I feel that it will more often than not play a large element in my future design work.

JS: Does the immediate environment around you influence your designs? It seems there’s something almost architectural in the tailoring and fit of your clothes.

YG: Not so much. At the moment I am based out of  Sydney, Australia and while it is a nice place to live it is very far removed from the rest of the world and because of this the level of culture here suffers a little bit. There is definitely an architectural element in my design work but it is just one part of a broader influence. Since the age of 3 or 4 I have been interested in everything futuristic and have also developed a love for sculpture as well as industrial & object design… I try to incorporate principles from these various disciplines into the approach which informs my designs.

JS: You’ve stated that dystopian themed films were a source of inspiration for the collection. Can you give us your favorites? 

YG: I wanted to create a feeling of a sort of futuristic sterility..  I would say that the films which had the most interesting visions were : THX 1138, Logans Run, Stalker and 2001 : A space oddyssey.