When I started SLAMXHYPE in 2003, none of us would have expected the success the site would have, and at the time we certainly didn’t expect the pending change in the media landscape. I knew digital media was important and I knew Street Culture needed a platform – but who would have known what would follow.

Since 2003 SLAMXHYPE has served as a curator of news from the Street Culture world, leaving out the bad and including what we consider(as a team now) the good. The Internet has a very different set of rules and offerings than print, one of which being the attention span of the reader, the other the speed in which news can circulate, for these reason’s we have stuck to our guns at SLAMXHYPE and continued to deliver quick and easy to digest news on a daily basis, and I’m proud to say without fail. In my mind SLAMXHYPE serves a great purpose in delivery quick news on products and projects – a service we need and a service which has helped shape Street Culture and we have no intent on changing this, and will continue to drive SLAMXHYPE into the future with much vigour doing what it does best.

2003 and 2012 whilst only 9 years apart are world’s apart in terms of the media landscape and the digital world, not only in terms of the way technology has been harnessed, but the way consumers interact, brands market themselves and probably most importantly in this case Media is driven. There is no longer a Print vs’ Digital war in Media, both parties have changed to suit their more and more divided services and brands have looked to harness both as media platforms for their business. In 2009 we started The New Order Magazine, we felt that while we enjoyed curating news from around the globe daily for SLAMXHYPE, we felt their was a gap for us to create content too and at the time we still wanted to build a brand that would stand above preconceived notions of the internet, and it’s ability to embrace anyone at anytime which left some people considering it the weaker platform of the two. The New Order, which continues strongly today was an amazing learning curve for us – we were able to see first hand how focusing on the creation of content and developing a brand with such strong philosophies around it made people stop and take notice… now is the turn of POST NEW.

As the name suggests this is the future, we plan to make original content on a level and consistency not seen before – embracing not only the platform as the new but the cultural change makers as its idols. POST NEW is about documenting change and influencing further change through creative thinking and production.

With a host of contributors from all over the world we will deliver original content in whatever form we believe suits the story, thats the power of digital media today, not it’s speed and access but its flexibility and creativeness. When we set out to find contributors and to build a network that’s exactly what we did, we went about building a network of the best thinkers, the creative’s who went about making change and taking risks and knew that today was not a pathway to tomorrow, but rather we were already there at POST NEW.

We have just launched the site, and over the coming weeks and months you will start to see some of what we have been working on for some time now, the site will develop very quickly over the coming few weeks in particular – with new functionality, contributors and most importantly content. The project is staged in its roll out but its a fast moving machine.

Take a look today, browse the selection of news which we curate daily focused on change, and the original content we are working on each day in order to be a part of cultural change ourselves.


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Contact me personally at adam@post-new.com with any queries or comments.