Post Overalls is a brand with a very specific driving force, designer Takeshi Ohfuchi’s obsession with the anonymous yet iconic workwear worn by the workers that powered the US through the 1920’s and 1930’s, a period referred to by Ohfuchi as the American Machine Age.

This obsession extends to a dedication to all things American , exactly recreating American design, ensuring ever piece for Post O’Alls is expertly crafted in the USA and sourcing classic American fabrics.

For the AW13 collection this focus has translated into the use of some truly unique materials, with original US Desert Camo used across Jackets, Vests and Trousers and with Lightweight Denim and traditional American Calico print put to use on a variety of heritage inspired design.

Ohfuchi sees his work as a mark of respect, by reinterpreting details found on archive pieces he is paying tribute to the people who designed them, to people who knew that the clothes they designed were as much of a tool as the instruments used by those that wore them.

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