Prada have teamed up with LA artist James Jean for their latest ad campaign. the final creation entitles Florid that “represents the somewhat perverse intersection between Hieronymus Bosch and Aubrey Beardsley. The image depicts an intense landscape of man-eating flowers, dragons, hybrid creatures and eerie fairies.”  The wallpaper produced ammasses an impressive 17 x 200 feet and is hanging right in the Beverly Hills and Soho Epicenter stores.

In addition to the ad campaign last night, Prada premiered a film, "Trembled Blossoms," at the Epicenter store in NYC which can also be viewed at James Jean also wrote the treatment and story for the film, created finished style frames, designed the characters, and roughed out 75 or so storyboards for which the very talented Jared Purrington helped finish and render in watercolor.

Below are images from the ad campain and further down are frames and some of the orthographic and production drawings used in the actual film.

Info via NotCot