We recently showed you the latest derby brogue collaboration between London menswear store Present and Northampton based heritage shoe makers Tricker’s and now we can share more of their Spring/Summer 2010 collection.

In addition to the bench made blue brogue derby in calfskin leather is a burgundy, beige, black and brown versions plus a green leather and brown and purple suede commando soled options.

The store has also taken a re-stock of their brogue meets woodsmen boots in black and burgundy leather, plus some new warm suede tones.

I have a couple of pairs of Tricker’s and no brand comes close in quality or comfort.  It’s a joy to own them and watch them slowly age.  However, the list of brands and stores “collaborating” with them seems to grow on a daily basis and I worry that they are almost at saturation point in the market.   Some of these Present options are similar, if not identical, to the last couple of season’s Tricker’s x Junya Wanatabe collaborations.  Tricker’s aren’t cheap shoes to buy, and with a limited number of options to choose from its become increasingly harder for these collaborations to be unique.  So, it may be time for Tricker’s to re-think this strategy if they want to keep the brand relevant in the contemporary menswear market?

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  1. sean

    AGREED! same as last years junya! PRESENT = NO CREATIVE