Considering the ongoing online clamor of the death knell of print, it was refreshing to see that magazines are thriving creatively in Korea. There’s been a handful started up in the last couple of years that showcases some outstanding talent (both behind the scenes and on the pages.)

First up is F.OUND Magazine.

This month’s issue features interviews with Hongil Um, Joon Yang, Dumbfoundead and others. There is both a free and paid version. The paid version comes with a cd sampler of new music talent, so try and cop that if you’re ever in Seoul.

<FOUND TRACKS Compilation 6> 수록곡

1. 자장가 – song of luna / 작사,작곡 : 차예지
2. superman – look and listen / 작사,작곡 : 김미숙
3. beautiful – sunday sunset / 작사,작곡 : Hagi

4. call when you land – MYK / 작사,작곡 : MYK
5. 별이 빛나는 밤 – 아일랜드 시티 / 작사 : 이지희 ,작곡 : 정연수
6. 여우에게 – The Finnn / 작사,작곡 : The Finnn
7. Between The Black & White – Bye Bye Badman 작사,작곡 : 정봉길
8. F.M. – 게이트 플라워즈 / 작사,작곡 : 게이트 플라워즈
9. Be My Bride (Erik Satie’s ‘Je Te Veux’) – Vimutti / 작사 : 홍범석
10. Capricious – 유승호 트리오 / 작곡 : 유승호