The other day we showed you a new deck designed by Ari Marcopoulos for Printed Matter, news now released that this deck was part of a series of 3 decks produced in a limited editon of 100 of each of 3 decks by Marcopoulos, Liam Gillick, and Mark Gonzales. each board is signed and retails for $150.

Mark Gonzales’ The Mini Big Kahuna is an oversized custom-designed board specially made for Printed Matter. On the bottom of the board is a colored offset image of various types of untied sneakers…an image with child-like charm that parodies the act of skateboarding, which demands shoes touching a skateboard.

Ari Marcopoulos’ Cairo, Sonoma, 2006 is a black and white board with a photographic silkscreen of a shirtless androgynous boy, emblematic of the photographer’s iconic subjects and style.

Liam Gillick’s Southbank, 1987 is the artist’s first skateboard. The natural wood board features a silkscreened typographic text, partially obliterated by a freeform line that suggests graffiti.

All three editions are available at, and at their store in New York City.

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  1. mike campbell

    yup,,ive boughten ther outa stock..its like having a gold mine lol