In Session 3 we give a peek into our main centerpiece for the upcoming FALSE: The Black Bloc Collection … hand-made, hand-washed, hand-screened and hand-patched anarcho influenced Japanese Selvedge denim Messenger Bags! Only a few pcs will be made of this item as material is scarce and it takes an extremely lengthy process to make each one of these babies by hand. We’re just about 2 weeks away from our mega launch (it was a long production sampling season this time out), we took our time this season to do things slow and steady maintaining our much revered quality over quantity! Upon launch you will see the biggest quality scale release from us in our entire history of running FALSE! Visit my Blog on WEAREFALSE to see images for (Part 1)

If you missed it.. See the post on SESSION 2 HERE!

*Check back over the next FFFew days for more looks into Session 4 of Amanda S. & my hand-production works in the FALSE Workshop! (Up next our latest hand-reconstructed denim vests!)

– Le Messie