Project H is a new line designed by Nino Scalia. To debut the line, he is introducing a small collection of tees and shorts that give new life and context to vintage Hermès scarf graphics. These are all dye sublimated and made in LOS ANGELES.

‘Project H’ is a tribute to timeless fashion and family history. My grandmother bought her first Hermès scarf in 1954 in Paris. She continued to collect them until she passed away. She left her scarf collection to my mother who wore one everyday and it became what she was known for. When my mother passed away 2 years ago she left her collection to me. I was always in awe of the amazing artwork on these scarves and how elaborate they were. There is a story to each one of these scarves and the art on them.

– Navy scarf “Les Armes de Paris” Purchased by my grandmother in Paris in 1954.

– Green scarf “Springs”

Purchased by my grandmother in 1974 in Paris

– Red scarf “Eperon D’or” 

My mothers first scarf purchase in London in 1974

Now available at Union LA.