MU is an interdisciplinary-contemporary art space located in Eindhoven, Netherlands who have a great focus and interest in the relationship between art, architecture and design, between art and popular culture and between art and various new mediums. A number of publications have landed at Someday in Melbourne, Australia including MU 5 which covers a 5 year span that looks at the finest exhibitions to show at MU between 1998 and 2003 and also features interviews with Aaron Rose, Winy Maas, Purple, Maurer United Architects plus many more.

Others books include Peter Sutherland’s Game that features green and Vivid, Sutherland’s photos capture peaceful shots of his fellow players of the NYC Chinatown Soccer Club in action, along with descriptive personal portraiture. The next is Mark Borthwick’s All Events Are Even which includes documents from the well regarded photographer of avant-garde fashion from his exhibition held at Mu 2002. Next is a personal favourite of mine, Ari Macropoulos and teh book entilted Flow which insist’s of documents from Ari’s exhibition held at MU in 2006. Also on hand is a two book set from experimental Japanese fashion label Cosmic Wonder called Magic Village. One book documents their exhibition at MU in 2005, the other a book of pictures from the film “How to Make a Stone Knife” which was part of the same exhibition. And lastly Geoff McFetridge’s Bend The Void which is a small collection of work from Geoff McFetridge which is both abstract and familiar.