The third part of Puma bike series manufactured by Biomega will release this spring features the Puma Glow Rider, with form and function really personifyed. Available in two colourways, one butter milk come green and the other a deep orange which turns a golden orange tone these bikes feature a paint which absorbs the sunrays during the day so when the sun goes down it produces a magnificent glowing effect. This unique frame is single geared and also features a quick, easy and smart semi-folding mechanism which really was a huge part of the designs by Be Bikes in Japan and making travelling very convenient this is a great feature. This bike is also equipped with all the optimum additions you could ask for like Twin-disc breaks, off road tyres, head and back lights and an integrated wire lock system which means If stolen and rode without the wire, the loyal bike will auto-destruct. Finally the Puma Glow Bike is capped off with a matching courier bag, a wind and water resistant jacket as well as a tee.

This production between Biomega and Puma possesses a new dimension to biking for city dwellers with the unique design for night visibility and its unique frame design. The Puma Glow Bike will be available starting April 2008 at select PUMA retail stores across the globe.

Info from ArtSchoolVets via  HS