Isn’t it high time we had a 90s trance revival? Remember when ravers would dance around in a hippy-daze on an irony-free dance floor, waving glow sticks around as if the fate of the party depended on it? Don’t get me wrong, getting surprise back rubs from ageing, spaced-out yoga-instructors was never my bag and there are plenty of things about contemporary trance culture, which are questionable to say the least. But back in the day there was always a sense of collective purpose, community, and care-free togetherness, which is sorely lacking in most present-day partying. Blame electroclash. It ousted sincerity as mayor of the floor and installed cynicism instead.

But maybe times are changing. This latest joint from the enigmatic Omar S, who happens to be one of our favourite Detroit producers, is called ‘Here’s your Trance, Now Dance’ and it’s a delightfully trance-y beast with classic motor city beat propulsion, organic percussion and utopian trance synthesizers. By no means has it come completely out of the trance closet, but it does make you think of making stupid dance moves on a beach in Goa while wearing a tie-dye t-shirt and feeling at one with humanity. Happy days.