“Rachel Getting Married” directed by Jonathan Demme ( Silence of The Lambs, Philadelphia, Manchurian Candidate) written by Jenny Lumet (daughter of Sidney Lumet) is a drama that revolves around the multicultural family of divorced parents dealing with a tragedy while one of the daughter’s Rachel played by Rosemarie DeWitt is getting married and another daughter recovering junky Kym played by Anne Hathaway comes home from a nine month stint at rehab to wedding celebration bringing chaos and tragedy with her.

While the film is beautiful, full of life and music it’s also full of overly extended scenes that bring absolute nothing to narration except prolonging the drama that moves thru the film way too slow. The film is mostly shot from a handheld camera, it even cuts to one of the characters who films the whole affair with his own camera so it feels like a home made movie. I’d compare it to Dogma95’s film “Celebration”. “Rachel Getting Married” is hailed as an Oscar nominee but i felt it was just long and attempted to be something it is not and simply too involved into itself but worthy of admission on…DVD. “Rachel Getting Married” now theaters in select cities. Check out the trailer bellow: