The collaborative Isolated Heroes by Raf Simons and photographer David Sims was originally published in 1999 and has since virtually reached collectible status both for its rarity and the unique and touching content within its pages. The book is the the culmination of a series of portraits Sims took during the summer of ’99, which captured street-cast models who defined the Raf Simons aesthetic. The models are all wearing the designer’s Spring/Summer 2000 collection. At that time, Raf’s shows were harnessing a youthful, subculture-informed zeitgeist in a way that has been much imitated but never bettered.

Initially conceived as a work in progress, the book has become highly regarded as a body of work in its own right, bridging the worlds of fashion, photography and art, and is now available in LN-CC’s rare books selection. Find it here.