Red Wing Shoes Amsterdam teamed up with Barrett Alley from Texas, USA and co-created a limited series of bracelets made from vintage Japanese hemp cloth. The original piece of fabric dates back to the early 1900s and was produced on a narrow loom, considering the fabric measured 30cm in width. The cloth originally functioned as a blanket. These Japanese blankets were often used, re-used and repaired into personal pieces of patchwork. The leather is a vegetable tanned type. It thanks its colour to a natural mulberry dye. These mulberries were grown in the backyard of mister Alley himself and provide the leather with a distinguishing pale reddish tone. The Red Wing Amsterdam x Barret Alley bracelets are limited to 24 pieces and are all hand-marked. The bracelets are exclusively available at the Red Wing Shoes Store Amsterdam and online at Red Wing Amsterdam.