Tenue de Nîmes have released a video today which is an ode to the Red Wing Shoes Hand-sewn collection. The video shows a crated selection of Tenue de Nîmes looks that compliment the hand-crafted Red Wing Spring Summer 2012 collection.

Maine, once America’s footwear capital, has a rich shoemaking history that dates back to the mid 1800s.The Androscoggin River supplied power to many of the tanneries and factories of the early 20th century. It was on the banks of this river that massive brick buildings were built that formed the backbone of America’s industrial shoe production.Today, the few workshops that have survived have done so because they make some of the highest quality and unique footwear in the world. These remaining companies are proudly carrying on the legacy and tradition of making shoes one stitch at a time, by hand.

With this video Tenue de Nîmes likes to emphasize that quality and style go hand-in-hand, and more importantly that quality and craftsmanship are everlasting.

Red Wing Shoes has been an authority in work wear shoes since 1905. Their leather boots are universally known for their indestructible quality. The brand uses its own leather, and both this raw material and the shoes themselves are still manufactured in the town of Red Wing, on the shores of the Mississippi river. Red Wing made a cross-over to lifestyle a few decades ago and has since become a staple in both the European and Japanese street scenes.
Video by Tenue de Nîmes, editing by Guest & White.
Model: Mitch de Vries at Red Wing Amsterdam

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  1. Mirko

    I really like this collection!! Do you know when it will be available in Eastpak stores?