Here is another impressive read with this latest piece created by highly coveted Interview Magazine, who have caught up with the talented Rick Owens.

Five years ago, you were at the forefront of a neo-Goth movement. Today, lots of other designers have been influenced by that aesthetic. How do you progress and move away from that?

When something is in the air, everyone is influenced, so I don’t really think of it like that. But in any case, you move on, you try to develop, grow and stay true to yourself.

Have you evolved much since you launched your label?

I think so—I actually feel this show is a lot different from what I was doing five years ago, and hopefully in five years’ time I’ll be doing something different too. Again, you never radically change either, there is always a sense of continuation, every collection is an extension of the previous, some things are never going to change, and I will always still be me.

So what are you leaving behind, what are you keeping, and what are you introducing in your collection today?

There is a lot more control today. Five years ago, I worked with the idea of collapse, downfall, abandon—now I work a lot more with control, which I find a very poignant idea, because one inevitably always fails. So I suppose I’m drawn to a control doomed to collapse.

And how do you feel about the collection we just saw ? Happy with the result?

Well, I hope this looks like me! I hope it doesn’t look like I tried to do something tricky—because I’m very conscious of being consistent, no matter what else is happening in the world.