In recent times, Ricoh has developed a whole new group of members to its Cult fan club, as a follow up to the hugely successful GX100, Ricoh have now released the GX200. "New to this model is a 1/1.7inch 12MP CCD sensor, with mechanical sensor based image stabilisation. The lens, while maintaining the useful 24-72mm zoom range with a maximum f/2.5-4.4 aperture, has been redesigned to match the resolution of the sensor. Ricoh has also announced a 135mm (equivalent) tele-converter and 19mm wide-angle lens which attach to a bayonet around the outer rim of the lens. These are available at £99.99 each, while a lens hood and adapter are available for £34.99.

As with the GX100 the new model accepts the VF-1 viewfinder. This electronic viewfinder sits in the hot shoe and gives a 100% view of the scene, menus and so on, and I have to say is probably the best EVF I’ve ever used, and I’m not a fan usually. However it’s fast, clear and colourful and is difficult to criticise. The rubber eyepiece rotates for dioptre adjustments, which is useful for those like me who’s eyesight isn’t what it once was ."

Info: HS via Trusted Reviews.