Arik Roper is one of today’s most talented psychedelic album artists, and RockersNYC is proud to present our second collabo tee featuring his art, the FW07 Dopethrone tee. Arik has imagined the aesthetic of bands like High on Fire, Sleep, and Buzz Oven as a world of the fantastic, the surreal and the horrifying. His images are part metal and part stoner, and with the colorful touch and design genius of Marcus Burrowes, they come alive in RockersNYC’s FW07 season. Dopethrone reflects the musicality of both RockersNYC’s designs and Arik Roper’s art. It is Arik’s interpretation of one of the most influential album covers of Marcus’ youth, Aswad’s New Chapter in Dub. Dopethrone is one of the central pieces in RockersNYC FW07 season of the same name.

RockersNYC FW07 cut & sew tee Tafari pays homage to the young Prince of Peace, Haile Selassie I. As it did in Marcus’ minds eye, Tafari abounds in blinding colors. Like the Dopethrone tee, Tafari is constructed on a specially designed RockersNYC cut & sew body. Both tees will be in stores around the world this week. Remember you saw it here first. check out our recent interview with the good people at RockersNYC.