As part of the Rockers NYC ‘Sound and Fury’ collection the label has teamed up with two notable artist’s to create an artist series of some distinction. The first tee features a print entitled "Wardance" which is a collaboration with the illustrious photographer Shawn Mortensen. The image used on the tee dates back to 1991, when a war was waged on the Jamaican dancehall battlefield. Two artists, Super Cat, aka Don Dada, and Ninja Man, aka Don Gargon, clashed at Sting in Kingston in a historical battle, captured by Shawn Mortensen on one of his many travels. The second is a piece with artist and musician, Brian DeGraw of Gang Gang Dance called "Youth vs Youth" which features two albums of the same name by two very different, but equally influential groups – Musical Youth, an English reggae group, and The Youth of Today, an American hardcore band.