To us Rogue Status has always been a brand that keeps on evolving and pushing the limits of what’s acceptable to printed on a t-shirt. I find it very powerful that you can almost always get a reaction out people around you by wearing one of their designs. This is probably from the amazing creative team that creates all the designs internally. Adam met Yo, one of the founders of Rogue Status, when they had first launched the brand and were selling their t-shirts out of Undefeated Santa Monica. So it was natural that we got together with them to come up with a t-shirt.

We let them have creative freedom in the concept of the t-shirt, which was designed by Jay, Matt and Rex. So I thought it would be best to let them give their idea behind the t-shirt:

Playing off of the parable “the divine comedy” this shirt takes off on the Dante’s Inferno aspect of the tale.  The original woodblock prints of the 8 initial circles of hell are emblazoned on the front of the tee – covering the entirety of the evil below except for the finale.  The flipside of the tee showcases the words “Abandon Hype all ye who Enter Here” – with the 9th circle of hell and the Devil dancing on the top of it.

The devil is in the details: a cryptic note lies in between the text and tells a story own it’s own.

The shirt is available right now in white with black print, black with grey print and black with red ink (as pictured above). They are also currently having a big sale going on at their headquarters in Venice, CA.