On the first day of Baselworld 2012 in March, Rolex unveiled the first new model from their brand in quite some time. The Sky-Dweller  displays the local time via centre hands and a chosen reference time via a rotating disc visible on the dial. Positioned as “the global travelers’ watch” by Rolex, the annual calendar inside the Sky-Dweller is based on a mechanism called SAROS – inspired by the cyclical alignment of the Sun, Earth and Moon. The watch’s all-new caliber 9001 automatic movement is controlled via the watch’s bezel-operated control ring. This “Ring Command” system enables the wearer to set the date, local time, and reference time displayed on the watch — all by rotating the fluted bezel. The  movement alone contains 7 different patents, and is Rolex’s most complex to date. Find more information about this incredible watch here.