Here is a look at fashion new “hottest rebel” Romain Kremer, the 27-year old who is creating a new menswear aesthetic with his neon fur, see-through plastic and rainbow colours definitely catches the eye. Here is a preview of a shoot in the upcoming issue of Dazed and Confused with Pierre Debusschere shot Kremer’s collection with styling by Nicola Formichetti. In addition a short film has been produced saturated with colour and neon flickers as Debusschere talks about the process.


“What I like about Romain’s work is that he will do whatever he wants to do. He is not scared about his influences or taste. The starting point of the shoot was that Nicola saw a connection between Romain’s world and mine and he was right. We emailed each other a lot of videos for references and immediately you could see similar influences as we’re from the same generation. Romain even came up with an old video from a Belgian TV programme that my grandma was working for! He bought the gabba influences, I came up with the strange lights and Nicole glued that all together. It was perfect”


“We first did the photography shoot to get the models more relaxed for the video. One of the influences was this YouTube video by Rineke Dijkstra where the boys are dancing alone on hard techno music. We had the smoke machine on a loop along with the lasers, stroboscopes and flares and after a few beers, the whole team joined in with the models dancing!”