Brandeis University is closing its Rose Art Museum and several key contemporary pieces will go to auction.

The Rose Art Museum is recognized for its extraordinary collection  of works by Willem de Kooning, Jasper Johns, Roy Lichtenstein, Morris Louis, James Rosenquist, and Andy Warhol.

Recent acquisitions have included works by Matthew Barney, Helen Frankenthaler, Nan Goldin, Alfredo Jaar, Donald Judd, Annette Lemieux, Robert Mangold, Judy Pfaff, Anri Sala, Richard Serra, Cindy Sherman, Kiki Smith, and Jackie Windsor.

This is both sad and scary for many reasons.    Unfor. museums and galleries have fallen victim to the recession and hard times have called for many to close.


On the block is Roy Lichtenstein’s masterpiece,

Forget it! Forget me!
many are worried that the price of auction will devalue their own valuable collections.    When this painting sells it will become clear how much things are really worth.     Something which would unfortunately add clarity.    This is really a time of “transparency” ,  a term traditionally reserved for the banking and equity markets.    Luckily this is still a stunning masterpiece, and I am hoping it finds a home in a public collection so we can all enjoy viewing it.