Scheduled to open on the 11th of October at the Oh-Wow gallery in Miami is Rostarr‘s first solo exhibition which will showcase work that demonstrates the imaginative ways in which Rostarr has reached across his design output and known creative persona to re-invent his art and himself today. Rostarr has been a key figure in New York City’s underground art scene and was a part of the urban improvisers ‘the Barnstormers’ collective. His free-formed work comes across as a universe of abstract and geometrical shapes from which symbolic and iconographic elements emerge in elegant and incisive gestural strokes, and is defined by an expression he calls ‘Graphysics’, meaning the fusion of graphic art and design and the physical laws governing the movement of energy. His work extends into the mediums of painting, digital media, sculpture, textile and public art projects.

From the same people that brought you A-Rons Back Door book and the Young and the banging book. This exhibition will run until the 8th of November. So make sure you mark it on your calendar if you happen to be in the area during this period.  


Rostarr Wreckless Abandon
October 11 – November 8, 2008
3100 NW 7 Avenue / Miami / Florida / 33127