Epitomizing a perfect match – the marriage of creativity, forward thinking, and above all doing things with a distinct level of integrity and pride – RVCA, in conjunction with famed Italian bicycle company Cinelli, is proud to present Pressure.

Undoubtedly two of the most discerning design houses of our time, RVCA and Cinelli have collaborated with an exceptional list of renowned artists (Ashley Macomber, Barry McGee, Clare Rojas, C.R. Stecyk III, Dan Murphy, Dmote, Jesse Geller, Josh Lazcano, KAWS, Madsaki, Phil Frost, PM Tenore and Stephen Powers), all of whom have in some way redefined the world of art through their own artistic sensibility, in producing Pressure.

Providing a new statement on a traditional sport and furthermore imparting a fresh insight into a subculture very much responsible for a new movement in popular culture, Pressure matches RVCA’s deep roots within the arts and Cinelli’s apparent appreciation for world class design.

Debuting this unique collaboration to the worldwide art community, Pressure will launch at RVCA’s flagship gallery in San Francisco, the VASF Gallery, on Thursday 5th June 2008 from 7pm to 10pm. The show will run until July 31st and will then tour to select locations around the globe including Milan, London, Tokyo and Sydney throughout 2008.

To commemorate this special collaboration, RVCA and Cinelli will produce a limited run of bicycles available for purchase through RVCA exclusively. Showcasing the artwork of RVCA ANP Artist Barry McGee, the bicycle will be available in 3 frame sizes (54, 56 or 58) and will be available as a complete bicycle ($3,700.00US*) or as a frame kit ($2,100.00US*). Sure to become a collector’s item in the years to come, this commemorative piece is an investment in art. For further information on how you can purchase the bicycle, please contact Brad Blankinship.

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“In 1984 I crossed the Golden Gate Bridge to meet Gary Fisher, who almost lived in a pioneer hovel, and we went to hear the Dead, skipping the lines (MTB power!). We didn’t talk much shop, but a short time later the first Italian, and maybe first European, MTB was born.

Today I’m back in San Francisco with RVCA, and I’m sure there will always be good music for those who know how to listen. Art, design, technology, rock, it’s true that I have changed the bike some, but the best part is that she changes herself, whether I like it or not. Today young artists dress her up like a bride and then strip her, delicately or madly, but always with love. In Italian we call them fissati, fixated, another way of saying maniacs. I like working with maniacs, art is mania, obsession, just like music is mania, bikes are mania.

You’ll never catch the perfect bike because she will always be faster than you, though the guys from RVCA go faster than most, and I hope to stay in a permanent breakaway with them, with Cinelli. I’ve changed the bike, yes, but she has also changed me. Thanks, my bride.”

Antonio Colombo