Sand.W.Man (pronounced ‘Sandman’) is the personal collaborative project between TAKAHIROMIYASHITATheSoloist designer Takahiro Miyashita and nonnative designer Takayuki Fujii. Although the two designers began their careers almost a decade apart, Miyashita in the late 80s, Fujii in the mid 90s, and have a markedly different approach to design and running a brand, the project was a natural extension of their close personal freindship and mutual resepct for each others work. At its most basic, the theme for Sand.W.Man is the color “sand-beige”, but the form of each release will be based on the two designers shared interests and views of contemporary cultlure. The project will launch with two pairs of footwear on September 14, 2013, and future products are set to be released on an irregular intermittent basis.

The first Sand.W.Man products, #001/hike and #002/snow, were manufactured by commission at the factory of a renowned French footwear maker. Both pairs of boots are produced from French cow suede with the #001/hike drawing its cues from a classic climbing boot and #002/snow taking the form of a sturdy pair of snowboots. The uppers are expertly oiled and buffed providing both water resistance and an authentic timeworn finish, while the outsoles and uppers are stitched together using a traditional Norwegian-welt. The Norwegian welt construction is not only extremely durable but it has also been coated with a natural pine resin providing a waterproof seal. The #002/snow is lined with mouton wool, providing exceptional warmth in the coldest of weather. The boots were kept in a warehouse for one year after production was completed to allow the welt waterproofing resin to harden and the well-oiled suede uppers to take on a rich and aged texture. As conceived by Takahiro Miyashita and Takayuki Fujii, this is the Sand.W.Man project.