In a saga that has been going on for six months now following the presentation of Jeremy Scott’s FW13 showcase, the designer and Santa Cruz Skateboards have reportedly reached a settlement over Scott’s alleged (read: blatant) plagiarism of the skate company’s iconic graphic imagery. According to reports, the conclusive agreement will see that Scott terminates production of the collection, which made use of graphics with an uncanny resemblance to those of Santa Cruz artists Jim and Jimbo Phillips. Here’s what NHS Inc CEO Bob Denike says of the current situation:

“I do not believe in the idea that any publicity is good publicity. There was a lot of interest in this issue, but we do not need this type of PR to help grow our brands. It was actually quite damaging to us. We don’t want to be associated with Scott.”

Jeremy Scott, meanwhile, has issued this apology:

“I regret that certain pieces of my February 2013 Fall Winter fashion line incorporated imagery that was similar to images owned by NHS and Messrs. Phillips. I now recognize my mistake and out of respect to their work and their rights, the clothing and handbags at issue will not be produced or distributed.”