Authentic outerwear brand Schott have paired up with Japanese label to create this quite impressive design for brand Beck. The Beck 333 is based on Schott’s original ‘Perfecto’ rider jacket, a piece with no shortage of authenticity and heritage. As part of the Deluxe Fall/Winter 2010 Collection, the detailing like the burgundy lining, studded zippers and studded epaulettes makes for a highly anticipated item.

The Schott x Deluxe “Beck” Jacket is available now for pre-order from DEDUE.

The Schott Perfecto Rider Jacket was adopted by bikers in the 50’s before being made famous by Marlon Brando starring in the 1953 movie The Wild One, it went on to be resurrected by the Punk Movement of the 70’s and 80’s, and is enduring its next cycle now with trends purveying heritage and original craftsmanship, not to mention the punk approach to street culture as lead by so many influencers in our world today. The likes of Hiroshi Fujiwara, Jun Takahashi, Malcolm Mclaren and other like minded creators were so heavily influenced by this movement that they can’t help but continue to be today.