SECOND/LAYER continues to impress with their approach to a gender-neutral design aesthetic which they’ve coined as “Chicano Minimal”. The influences shine bright as day, as the structureless “zoot” pachuco movement of the 40s weave seamlessly with the gender blind “Garcon” looks of the 80s silhouettes. This effortless blend of styles has created a look that somehow remains free-flowing through its ridged simplicity a feat onto its own.

Through their upcoming Spring/Summer 2014 offerings they continue to explore this balance while pushing to further blur the lines of gender specific wears. We have been given the first glimpse of the upcoming collection through the labels hyper emotional film series. In the SECOND/LAYER world Jumpsuits play handedly with cap sleeved tunics and we agree. Cobalt bounces off of the deep set black garments providing layered garments the necessary attention they deserve.

Spring/Summer 14 may seem far off in the distance but I can whole heartedly proclaim SECOND/LAYER’s collection as one of the standouts from any independent label so far. Salute to true style through refinement and focus.