Self Edge and Iron Heart have come together to bring you the world’s first pair of jeans designed from the ground up for cyclists.  Months of testing and analyzing where other jeans failed during extended use while cycling led to the creation of the SEXIH03; to create a middle ground between fashion and functionality.  For those that enjoy artisan Japanese denim, cycling, and fashion these are the ultimate pair of jeans. Made in Japan from the world’s heaviest weight denim coming in at twenty-one ounces

per square yard. 

-21 ounce Sanforized Japanese Selvedge Denim

-Dark Indigo Stitch Half Arcuate Pocket Design

-Reinforced crotch rivet

-Hidden rivets

-Crotch cross-stitch moved 1” forward to delay crotch blow-outs and for the comfort

of the rider

-Rear pockets placed .75” farther to the outside of the jeans to avoid sitting on

anything stored in the pockets

-Rear pockets sized to fit a mini U-Lock

-Higher rise in the back, lower rise in the front for maximum comfort and mobility

-Extra belt loops at the rear of the waistband to avoid torn loops from backpack

usage and to prevent the pulling down of the waistband if a belt is worn while


-Spring loaded clip metal key fob hanging from front belt loop

-Medium relaxed fit in the upper and thigh region, super slim fit below the knee


125 Selvedge Indigo Pairs = SEXIH03 ($360)

25 Non-Selvedge Black Pairs SEXIH03BK ($360)

Sizes: 27/28/29/30/31/32/33/34/36/38

Inseam: 35.2”

The SEXIH03 and SEXIH03BK will go on sale in-store on Saturday November 24th and

will be available at on December 1st.