Y-3, the high-end collaboration between Yohji Yamamoto and adidas continues to flourish and grow with the Japanese designer at the helm, ten years after its inauguration. Its Fall/Winter 2012 collection is impressive, heralding a move away from the brand’s longstanding sportswear inspirations (although those still exist), to a darker, more urban look this season. Obvious militaristic design cues are there, as well as a number of pieces which use leopard print – an adidas favourite. It’s a mixed bag, overall, taking inspiration from a ¬†number of sources, including ’50s greaser steez (peep the denim) and the afore-mentioned military drab, as well as an almost Euro angle in the form of the colorful hits in pics three and four. Also included is Y-3’s footwear range, which has been very strong this season. It all stands to support the fact that the joint venture – and both individual parties – remain on top of their game. The above editorial appears in Sense magazine.