Stop EVERYTHING you’re doing RIGHT NOW.

Just when you thought clowning on Kanye West’s ‘Bound 2’ video was getting tired, Seth Rogan and James Franco turn it into the greatest music video of 2013. (And possibly of all time.)

In ‘Bound 3’, Seth Rogan teaches Kim Kardashian a lesson in sexuality, with his sensual facial expressions and free-flowing body hair stealing the show, but it should also be mentioned that Franco clearly has Yeezus swag down to a hilarious science. It’s a shot for shot remake, yet it turns something initially ridiculous into a thing of absolute beauty. The kiss at the end? THAT SHIT WAS DEEP.

It looks like my need to watch this about 600 more times has just trumped any work requirements for the day. I suggest you watch this now and get on the same schedule.

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