Sewn From the Soul

Midst  my latest travel excursion the folks behind Street Etiquette released one of the project I’ve really been looking forward to viewing. “Sewn From the Soul” represents their exploration of the relationship between Style and History. A monochromatic affair which pay homage to accomplishments, culture, and style celebrated during Black History month. The important of history in style should be fairly evident as the resurgence of workwear, 50’s, 60’s and punk era inspired garments have all made there appearance within the last month on SlamxHype. For a team of individuals to take the steps towards creating a sort of  modern look back into these eras by paying homage to the such icons as Gordon Parks, Miles Davis and Dr. Cornel West, is commendable. Well done and refreshing change from the normal lookbook shoots we’ve all become accustomed to. The behinds the scenes footage gives you a hint at the creative process but the editorial is one worth taking a few minutes out of your day to view.