Most of you would have noticed along with the new site, has come a number of new bloggers to the site, the latest addition is Shawn Mortsensen, for those who don’t know Shawn, you will know his photos, theres no doubting that! From his sites biography " Shawn Mortensen is a Los Angeles based photographer who has been a regular contributor to i-D Magazine and has shot covers for Spin and Vibe. In addition to photographing well-known fashion campaigns and celebrities, he has documented his global travels in evocative photo essays. Mortensen is also an MTV video award nominated music video director and an artist.", within Hip Hop and Streetwear Mortensen could be best known for his portraits of Biggie alongside so much more.

Shawn isn’t the only new blogger of late, we’re honored at Slam to also welcome Nick Walker, Wes (Foot-Patrol) and Will Sweeney. I’m a huge fan of all tese guys, so I’d like to personally welcome them all to the fold. Be sure to check out Will’s Alakazam exhibition here at Honeyee today too.

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In other Slam X Hype updates, our regularly updated Feature section will be back soon. Some technical difficulties have led to a rebuild, it isn’t far away and allows us to make some improvements. Stay tuned as we have some great features lined up!