I cannot forget that day.

My respect full guy, Eddie, introduced to me when I saw Shawn at first time.

He was very nice guy, even tough I was not a special guy.


To tell the truth, I did not know brand name “Stussy”  is coming from person’s name.

“Even though it is some person’s  name, he is not existing, because it is very huge brand.”

That’s I was thinking before I came to this country.


It already passed 5 years after I met Shawn.

I occasionally meet him by chance.  He is still always nice.

Every time I  think that I want to take a picture with him, but I miss the chance all the time.


A few weeks ago, I met him again.

I could not recognize him at first, since he had a bold hair at the last time I met.

And,  I finally got a picture with Shawn Stussy :)




He also told me that he just get started His Blog.

And, he wrote his web site address on the paper politely.

I put that memo in my pocket at once as usual. 

After he left, I could recognize that he gave me a incredible thing….


That web address is also His Signature!!!! Wow!!!!

I kind of regreted to fold that paper… :(


先日、Stussyの創始者でもあるShawn Stussyに会う事ができました。






Limited Edition