This interview with Shinsuke Takizawa makes for an impressive read. Compiled by Moscow based retailer Belief, the interview provides a great insight into the man and his iconic brand, Neighborhood.

I know you friend, collaborate and are inspired by Kostas Seremetis, Jeff Decker and Cole Foster for example. Who else you would like to collaborate with next? It may be a secret you would not want to reveal, but still … what are your current interests? The ideas and values ​​of new Neighborhood collections.

In the past I chose close friends as collaboration partners – Jeff Decker (a bronze artist), Hiroshi Fujiwara, Jack White. They were all “underground” in a sense that they were not very known and the idea was to introduce these unique artists to the public through NEIGHBORHOOD. I still do this, but going forward I will probably pick some world famous names as collaboration partners.

SVG, ONETHIRD, various exclusive collaborations – all great things we like Neighborhood for. And what about women’s lines? There used to be many great pieces, but it’s been a while …

There have been many requests to release women’s lines. However, women’s market is quite different from the men’s market and what I realized … women’s wear tends to move with the trend. And therefore, there is kind of a conflict for me – I’m not up to speed with this, I honestly do not follow trends. So, no specific plans here. However, if there comes the right time when I could be able to create women’s wear with no need to follow trends, I will probably go for it.

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