Showstudio/Nick Knight’s sculpture of Naomi Campbell has now been made available online for your own enjoyment and customisation, through some basic tools offered to users on Showstudio. Simply draw and submit. If you’re not familar with Knights creative project, check the details below.

As an icon of our time, Naomi Campbell polarises extreme opinion. She has maintained her position as the world’s most successful black model since her debut in the 1980s at the age of sixteen, and Nick Knight has photographed her consistently throughout her career. His latest project is a sculptural rendering of her body using 3-D scanning technology and rapid prototyping, creating a monument of the model as a cypher for our preoccupations and unwavering interest in the culture of celebrity. Adopting a three-way pose reminiscent of Andy Warhol’s Elvis Presley (1963), Naomi is a shrine to how we use these figures of idolatry to express our feelings. The sculpture was created from a triple exposure photograph, which was then translated into three-dimensional data and finally digitally carved. The process is at the forefront of emerging technology for sculpture and is a rare example of a photographic image being the referent rather than the pictorial reference for a three-dimensional piece. has invited exhibition visitors and its global audience to post their thoughts about Naomi, to allow their words to be projected across the illuminated surface of her as a colossus. Microphones placed in and around the sculpture will pick up visitors’ audio responses and broadcast them back to the site, creating a portal for global communication.