LN-CC have launched a new series of Features to add some real editorial substance to their wonderful e-commerce and brick and mortar stores. Focusing on brands carried in store, the series begins with a look at Sibling.

The London-based label Sibling, launched 2008 by design trio Cozette, Joe and Sid, made it their business to revolutionize the men’s knitwear market with playful creations for a modern man with a sense of style and humour. The designs juxtapose high quality, bright colours and bold graphics – inspired by traditional knit ideas, shapes and forms but with the twist into youth tribes, music and art.

After having collaborated with musicians Lionel Flairs of Flairs, Schwefelgelb, The Special’s Terry Hall and The Horror’s side-project Spider and The Flies, artists Noah Scalin and Will Broome, photographers Axel Hoedt and Thomas Giddings and many more, Sibling teamed up with artists Tim Noble and Sue Webster to create the Tim and Sue sweaters for their fifth collection.

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