For his first menswear collection, Siki Im draws his inspiration from William Golding’s 1955 classicThe Lord of the Flies. Looking beyond the criticism of human nature and society central to the novel, Im’s interpretation focuses on the purity and sense of possibility inherent to a fresh start. The collection shows us that tailored, modern men’s clothing need not be cold, clinical or western only, drawing on an eclectic range of ethnic and and subcultural influences. Im’s design process inscribes itself in the lines between humanity and science, old and new, solidity and openness; respecting the past in construction and fabric, and simultaneously bringing a modernity through its functional, clean shape.

Siki Im is now available at No. 8b and online at projectno8.

No. 8b
38 Orchard Street (at Hester)
New York, NY 10002
(212) 925-5599